Vancouver Island Beekeeping Supplies

Flying Dutchman is your complete beekeeping supplier on Vancouver Island, located in Nanaimo, BC.   Flying Dutchman handles FW Jones Canadian made wood boxes in both deep (9 5/8") standard and in dadant (6 5/8") standard boxes, wood frames and wired foundation for both size boxes, inner covers, lids and hive top feeders.  We carry Pierco frames and are a dealer for BJ Sherriff Bee jackets, full suites and an array of children's apparel.  Get your hive tools, hat, veil and gloves plus many extra items. 

beekeepers at Flying Dutchman checking hives
Vancouver Island Honey Bee Pollination Services
Provide honey bee pollination for pears, apples, cherries,hazelnut trees as well as blueberries and cranberries
Beekeeping on Vancouver Island
Get your beekeeping hive equipment, honey bees and raw honey all in one place on Vancouver Island. W
Raw Honey
Vancouver Island mountain forest and berry raw honey plus all your beekeeping and pollination needs
Honey Beekeeping
Vancouver Island supplier of Bees, Beekeeping Supplies and Raw Honey
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